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I walked out of the restaurant thinking about Wanda’s word of knowledge: The Lord has a place for you, and it will open soon (1 Co 12:8). I was not looking forward to teaching in a church again. Every time I did, the pastor acted like a jealous, selfish child.

And what did “soon” mean? “With the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years like one day” (2 Peter 3:8 NAS95). God does not perceive time the way we do. But it really did not matter. If God said it, it would happen. I did not have to make anything happen.

The format of NOLA’s website had been through several updates. Each time, I wondered if I would still have access. The few people who knew me had been laid off years ago. I had been posting to the blog unsupervised for over a decade, and knew it was a matter of time before the influx of journalist would push me off the website.

After Wanda’s article released, my password to the faith blog stopped working. I still had the personal website I created for my book, and I had created a website for Southern Christian Writers Guild on the Northshore. When Tate went out of business, I converted my website to host the lessons I had written when I taught Sunday school. (My personal site is now Faith’s Mystery.) The writer’s website inherited the articles I wrote for There was plenty of rewriting lessons and articles to keep me busy.

We were attending a good church and loved the people. Rod retired from teaching at Delgado College. His new job with Homeland Security required him to work every other weekend. He could not be a Children’s pastor anymore. But the children’s pastor at our church always made room for his gifts. Whatever the children’s pastor needed; he was happy to do. He was content and so was I.

I had finally accepted a calling to write and embraced the power and benefits of writing. The primary way God communicates with us is through a book. The letters Paul wrote expanded his ministry beyond his wildest imagination and fulfilled his desire to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth. Even though Paul died long ago, millions are still enlightened, comforted, and encouraged by the words he wrote.

As a Sunday school teacher, I never had more than 10 students in my class and most pastors speak to less than 200 on Sundays. As a writer, I could post an article that spoke to thousands. I did not have to maintain a building, keep office hours, pay salaries, or deal with difficult people. It no longer mattered to me where we went to church. I could fulfill my ministry from the comfort of my home.  

But after Wanda’s word from God, I became increasingly dissatisfied with our church. I did not want to be there anymore. Rod and I discussed leaving, but we loved our friends. And I could not think of a better church to attend. He was against leaving, so I tried to forget about it. Until a Sunday Rod was working and I went to church alone. I stood in front of the entrance, but I could not bring myself to open the door. I returned home knowing I did not belong there.

We had the same circular dead-end discussion about leaving. I told him I would not return, but I would not attend a different church either. I stayed home Sunday mornings and worshipped God alone, praying he would change my heart or change Rod’s.

He changed Rod’s heart.


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