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My publisher’s marketing department was ahead of me in the marketing marathon. I asked them to slow the pace so I could finish distributing the complimentary copies. On the heels of that request, I scheduled three churches and three events. So much for a slower pace and accomplishing one goal at a time. Then a hurricane blew through town canceling six opportunities to sell books.


I had not planned to sell books and was not prepared to make change. The first man handed me a $20. “I’m sorry. I don’t have change,” I said. “Keep the change,” he responded. I was selling the book for $15. It retailed for $16.99. Why would anyone give me an extra $5 for a book swirled in my mind unable to take root and send a response to my mouth.


Before I received my books, an acquaintance called. She tried to buy five books from the publisher’s website, but the links did not work. I called my marketing representative the publisher had assigned to me. He promptly called my friend to take her order. I had questioned that anyone would spend money on something I wrote, and was surprised that my first sell was not one but five books.


She returned with Robin Wells, St. Tammany Parish Literary Artist of the Year and author of sixteen critically acclaimed fiction romance novels that had been translated into eighteen languages.  Her books had won the National Golden Heart Award, two National Readers’ Choice Awards, the Award of Excellence, the Golden Quill, and the Holt Medallion. I wondered how I merited being on a panel with such a distinguished author.